Sunday, September 12, 2021

i was watching dr. malone give an interview for epoch, i've been following his stuff closely as he is the inventor of the dna vaccine and has always addressed the current situation with caution and a growing bewilderment. he's no anti vaxer, he's no facebook warrior, nope, he's a scientist who knows what he is talking about. and like most scientist that know what they are talking about he has been silenced. fortunately there are platforms which do not ban people and do not censor. malone is consistent, he's accurate and presents the data in a clear and easy way. 

the biggest issue is the vaccinated have invested so heavily in their ideology they cannot even bare to listen to any other point of veiw, they cannot understand the full picture and refuse to occupy thoughts with anything counter because it overwhelms them.  it reminds me very much of 1939 germany when jews were told to tae a shower to delouse. the cynical pessimistic ones fled, the optimistic stayed. 

here we are in the age of technocracy, mass brainwashing through media replaces a reasonable president with a demented lunatic. where are all those democrats now? the facebook androids who constantly hounded trump, who called for impeachment every day and every change they could. the media whom focused on him, his wife and family, ignored his successful economic direction, his peace plans, his record employment achievements, where are their voices? 

it's all virtue signalling. hypocrisy and ignorance. the same goes for the vaccination movement, the facts no longer count, only the ideology. 'look at me' people post, 'i got vaxed.' what they really are doing is showing everyone how they trusted a massive corrupt pharmaceutical company, corrupt governments loyal to the united nations, corrupt technocrats and willingly took the shower, only this time it's a spike protein that will destroy their natural immune system and or kill them when it get's stuck in the brain. it's not even a vaccine by therapeutic standards, it's an experiment and you are the guinea pigs. everyday i check the usa, the uk's and the au's stats buried beneath the complex website, it's very hard to navigate, very hard to know what words these vaccines now use to identify themselves, and very under acknowledged.  but the facts are more people die from the vaccines than covid. so how come that is not reported. also how is it not reported that when diagnosed positive the public are not given any treatment plan, all they have to do is take a combination of ivermectin or hydro, vitamin c and d, zink and possibly some nac. if it's early days you can zap the virus with a dose of iodine.  plenty of medical scientists all try to warn you, but they all are silenced and cancelled.  

trust the science people say, yeah well science also led to the bomb, as john stewart said, the last words of this civilisation will be proclaimed by a scientist, 'oh look it works.'

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