Friday, September 03, 2021

 i often notice how the media seems to rejoice when an unvaxed person dies of corona virus, it's like a little celebration of death and a warning that everyone must get vaxed. yet the individuals whom die of being vaccinated or die of corona virus after being vaccinated are not reported and or under reportaed, in fact the uk, usa and au govt. websites hide the numbers in plain sight and you have to dig deep to find them. a lot of countries have a reporting system but their governments do not promote them and the numbers under represent the facts.
you have no choice but to look into alternative media sites to find answers, you have to know that the person has no agenda and that he / she has the right qualifications to at least know what they are talking about. most of the people i listen to are scientists's doctors, virologists and sprucing an opinion. they have clear factual evidence. sometimes i do listen to opinion, but from both sides, this way i can sort out whom i listen to, the promoter of vaccines or the science that takes a wholistic approach. 

day by day i challenge my traumas, perhaps the biggest was my brussel sprout trauma which spawned from skool where for skool dinners they fed us boiled brussel sprouts which is possibly why i don't like anything from brussels, and view it with a sort of suspicion most people perceive north korea. 
over the last week i have experimented with how to eat brussel sprouts, obviously without boiling. 
i have tried many variations and now i am proud to say have discovered the perfect way to make a sprout taste amazingly good. if you want the answer let me know. i can't just reveal this else it will send the price sky high and seeing as though it's all i eat these days i can't allow that to happen. however i could eat them for breakfast, lunch and diner now!
still skeptical about brussels. 

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