Saturday, June 08, 2019 mission is probably the most beautiful woman i have ever seen, i say probably as i don't want to be accused of being biased or obsessed but she is something else. i want to show you all her face, it's magnificent to gaze upon. i could look at her for hours and often do, just watching that incredible structure that shifts between moon, feline, egyptian goddess, witch and wonder. 
i won't post her photograph here as she may get upset and disprove of such iconography so you would have to trust me when i say she's incredible. 
however without wanting to dismiss her face, i have to inform you about the space that exists within her mind. so freaking intelligent and switched on i always feel like i am in the presence of a true genius of our times. she has so much to offer this planet and has triumphed over great adversity including me. 
so hail to the heroine.
and i must confess i was blessed when she came to visit and say goodbye, wow!
despite my crazy emotional fracture, i have no idea what was happening except that weeks, perhaps months of almost zero sleep had caught up with me. every second was beautiful as she weaved her brilliant beauty and mind through my ravaged predicament. man what a woman.
there is no doubt for me, we have an extraordinary "relationship' and it is blooming into something stronger while maintaining the incredible uniqueness of our individuality. the result being when we are together we are more than the sum of our parts (despite my feeling less yesterday)
i fell into a deep sleep when she left, deeper than i can fathom, there was no end to the depths and the dreams.
one dream being we were both in a lovely convertible  a big car, old fashioned. and we were driving under blue skies, laughing and listening to some nice jazz music. ah it was lovely for me to dream like that, joyous for a change. so few dreams recently, just impressions.

well i am awake early, feeling so much better and as i drove down the freeway a car with a name we share as a faded vision reappeared and stuck with me all the way to my turn off. i don't read to much into these things but that was a nice affirmation of something.

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