Sunday, June 09, 2019

beautiful one, i hope this helps you in my absence. food for thought.

one charioteer, two winged horses.
the platonic ideal of the composite soul.
(see the image i use as a header is the awakened intelligence and two dragons)

one horse is the biological self, the instincts if you are romantic like me, the appetites if you are a platonist.
the other horse is thumos (courage) the spirited part of the self, the part that responds non rationally to praise or blame from others. it is guided by pressures and influence of community to which the individual belongs.
one horse represents the biological and individual self, the other the social self.
it is in thumos the microscopism reflects our social macroscopism.
to the ancient greeks thumos was not just a social construct but a real life force and once it left the body of a person they died.
eros (not the love eros but the appetite) is the other horse, a need for lower needs, the base of maslow's hierarchy of needs perhaps. food, shelter, warmth. thumos being the higher.
the charioteer is the logos, the will and intellect of the mind. 
both horses have a place within the soul and when a healthy mind holds the reigns the chariot can be driven forwards. 
logos is significant, it desires nothing but learning and wisdom and thus by this mental function the soul can balance the pulses and urges of the two winged horses.

eros- driven by sensual impressions and bodily appetites,
thumos - driven by social norms and expectations
logos - driven by the capacity of mental reflection, generates nothing except what is filtered by the two horses.

therefore the greeks were concerned about this tripartite soul as that all data was significantly altered or biased. what we touch is not what we perceive and process in the mind.  the faculties of the soul distort the ability to perceive nature as it is.
a good way to look at this is traveling through a strange land you have two translators, one speaks only of the physical appearance and desires, the other of social status and chances to improve their nobility. both are unreliable.
by the end of the journey you know more about the translators than the country.
this is where the logos finds itself. 
it depends on two functions that provide inaccurate data.
there is no way the data can be corrected once filtered.
so how can we know beyond our senses?
intuition or as the greeks called it nous. this allows us true insight into reality. the nous remains pure and undistorted. it is a higher form of knowledge and insight. understanding and intuition.
plato sees the sun as intuition, the part of the soul that has lived many lives. nous is infinite and self-ruled, it is independent. it creates meaning and it transcends all realms and it is often used in magick. it is a divine understanding.
the secret lies in co creation between the external force of the nous and the internal forces of the logos. harmony.
eventually the nous will be the conduit between heaven and yourself, it's almost easy to see how intuition can become an occult force. 
you have excellent intuition, train it, use it, trust it. i love you.

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