Tuesday, May 18, 2021

ah uh, ha! ha!
i was half heartedly laughing at the joke. i didn't get the punch line but these natives don't like it if you question them. i don't get it, it's a cultural thing. i don't know why your fucking laughing at some thing that has no intelligence, it's not like its a bright observation. its not an interesting story or remotely humorous it's just scatological nonsense and i'm differently wired man, i got an independent analysis. i demand something better than just having my intelligence insulted. i don't find that kind of stuff funny man, it's dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. sure you can be dirty and nasty but it's gotta have a context, saying rude words every five minutes is just infantile and boring. my sensibilities expect quality in all things, humour comes in many forms, if your making observational humour then you need to open your eyes and your mind. not just tell a story and pack it with swearing and a dumb conclusion. 

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