Tuesday, January 10, 2017

step out of the shower into the furnace, my skin seems encased in a layer of second skin, an invisible ultra thin sweat suit. i can feel my body slime through the thick viscous air in mission control. 
if you have never been to the tropics then you couldn't appreciate this oppressive heat, personally i love it, the way my reptilian brain just wants to find the most attractive girl in the room and get naked under the fan. pull her into some sensual twilight sultry contortion of pleasure until our bodies meld into one wet slime covered slug like slow moving love making creature. the heat pumps through my atoms, blood on the slow boil. 
i wake up under the fan alone, it's night, still ridiculously hot. somethings wrong, the fan no longer rotates. i check the time, it's midnight, i must have drifted off.
i look out at the street, all lights are off, i check my bedside lamp, there's no power. the temperature is rising. 
i wander along with my super slimline flashlight, it's a high performance  swizz army knife of a flashlight, perfect for any extreme situation, any dark environment.
my body moves so slowly in the heat, i avoid the towers of books and  a few cd's on the floor, make my way down into the studio where i look out at the garden. 
pitch black outside save for the slither of moonlight that casts peculiar shadows across the garden, particularly at my palms. there are some strange clouds up there, very dark with splinters of light. a crack in the sky.
my body is dripping in sweat, it's pouring from me, ridiculous. i don't know what to do with myself so i sit down and watch the night pass by. 
it's far to hot to fall asleep, i can just about breath. there's no longer a sensual feeling in the air, in fact i feel somewhat nervous. i run a self diagnostic, yeah, breathing is about all i can manage. i peer outside into the night, the terrible oppressive atmosphere, the heavy presence of things in our world being just slightly out of whack. it begins to 'clunk' in as i look deeper into the night
something moves across the night, a silhouette. involuntary i take a step backwards into total darkness. am i hiding?
i can't keep my eyes from looking at the long inhuman shapes that flutter by, in and through the black skies pass terrible shadow like feathered bodies. my brain so slow to understand, synapses misfire and make the wrong calculations, these are no angels. in that alien heat i tremble as a cold shiver starts along my spine. 

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