Thursday, January 12, 2017

i have a dr, he's a tall chinese chap straight out of william burroughs, i call him dr. lee but he he may be called something else. dr. chang perhaps, the receptionists all think i'm crazy.
'there is no dr. lee here, you mean dr. chang.'
'to me he is dr. lee.'
'take a seat mr. mission.'
'it's just captain, no mr. or mission.'
i get the look that says, 'he needs a different type of dr.'
well it's been a long time since i seen a dr whom i trust and dr. lee is my man, he looks like he's got the keys to the medicine cabinet and helping himself, he's got the shakes and speaks in a raspy oriental tongue. needles everywhere, syringes and pills spilling out over his desk. the book of change lays open on a side table.
he has very thin lips and narrow eyes, black eyes pinned like a nasty chemist. he sits down and suddenly looks like a preying mantis. i love this guy, a strange fantasy pops inside my head as he chops up a couple lines of bug powder dust and offers me a medical tube. 
in reality i have to tell him about some issues for a sick note.
he presses a keyboard which is hidden under the cluttered desk and a printer kicks in, then he hands me some straws to pick, i'm directed to pick six. 'ask question,' he says.
'am i in good health for work?'
he arranges them on the floor and consults his book, he shows me but it's in chinese pictogram. 'hexagram 22,captain, says you are now in form not function, the environment is not one of depth, you are appreciated for image not essence. you perfectly fill a roll, no one sees the genuine you. still, you are being listened to and watched. use this influence to further your goals as much as possible, even if you don't understand you can connect with a few isolated hearts.' 
he smiles and read's last line, 'relax, enjoy attention.' 
'what's hexagram 22 called? i ask.
'pi or in english grace, you feel better now?'

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