Friday, January 06, 2017

agent speedsexy thought projected her self into my day. it was quite peculiar at the time as i was driving along the freeway after getting away somewhat early from work. one moment i was changing lanes, the next she's telling me to overtake the cars in front. i give her a quick look and see she is deadly serious so i put my foot down.
agent speedsexy is not some one you mess with. 
she plays with my radio, turning off the talkback host and presses a few music stations, nothing catches her fancy so she's rummaging around opening hatches and concealed compartments until she finds a stack of cds. she flips through them seriously, and sticks on into the slot. 
'that's better.'
i smile, she has good taste in tunes.
'now mission, where you taking me?'
'i was going home, where would you like to go.'
'surprise me mission.'
i nod, my mind flicks through a serious of possibilities and arrives at the inevitable. i steer the car down the road, and take a turn off, 'this is the road less travelled. this is where we are going. you and me.'
we settle into some excellent driving conditions, no traffic, no signposts, no traffic lights or junctions, along a narrow coastal road and eventually follow it uphill to a lookout where the car comes to a rest. i leave the motor on and we look out at the ocean, waves breaking into the rocks and a few determined surfers catching waves.
we smoke a spilff, watch the sun sinking. then she turns and says, 'good call mission.'
i want to say something but it's to late. she's gone.

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