Friday, May 16, 2014

tony robot, i expect the labour party to be wasteful, beurocratic inefficient and aligned with socialist values. i expect the green party to be in league with the united nations and their agendas, but from the liberals after the travesty of the last few years i expected you would keep your word. i know the debt is awful and we have to deal with it, i know what debt is, it was extremely irresponsible for the govt. of the day to fritter the economy away. i liked the ideas but we all know labour can't implement anything efficiently, it's filled with ineffective people. 
all through the election your mantra was repeated over and over because you are a political robot and you know how to hypnotise a nation with a mantra or two. you didn't really use the mantras imaginatively,
'no surpises' 
'no taxes' 
'no broken promises'
every chance you got in front of a camera, the mantras sinking and penetrating into the australian public because they bloody voted for you. 
and what have you just done tony robot?
surprised us! with your new taxes. broke your promise.
i didn't vote for you but i expected you would keep your word after you punished gillard day in day out, i expected more. did you not listen to your own words.
the financial deficit is a problem, but the bigger problem is the trust deficit, that's a spiritual equation, we will pay in our taxes like we always do but you will pay as well, the eternal currency.
that's the way it rolls tony robot, sorry, but you sold every single person who lives in australia out!
and if billy bob shorten has learnt anything, he won't lie to the public.
the governments of planet earth are fucked up, it's seriously wrong, somethings gotta give.
'don't, lie, cheat or steal, the government hate competition' i have that sticker on my fridge but it should be everywhere, all over australia.    

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