Saturday, May 17, 2014

okay scorpio's a coming, 
influencing my zodiac
rocks float through the void
just to give me a smack
fates and fortune
rolls on the dice
just karma circumstance
say the words of advice

i charged up my lunar powered zap gun, it's luminous casing glowed ambient purple in the starlight, pulsing in my hand like an old friend. yeah you always had my back, it's good to have you in my hands again, old friend.
i stepped out onto the crisp sand, some darkness seemed to envelope around me, the street light flickered and popped out as a dark cloud passed before the moon. 
waves crashed every few seconds and i could hear my heart beat over the top as i kept stepping forward.
terrible beach at midnight, such a strange place to rendezvous, down on the sealine, outta sight from everything. 
the surf crashed bringing me into hypersensitivity, the hairs on my arms stood on end picking up electrical signals, i focused my attention scanning at 90 degrees, approaching at an angle, moving in on some unidentified invisible object. 
i saw some movement, down on the sand, crabs, lots of them scuttling along, some going in and others out, it puzzled me at first, the opposing directions but nature is a strange wondrous beast with inventive energies and diverse strategies i appreciate and respect. i moved forwards but not before checking the skies. the light was shifting again, my umbraic vision had improved and i could see the moon begin to reveal itself again. and in perfect time there she stood, in her strange velvety costume, intricate embroidery  decorated her gown, she held up her hands and smiled, 'you won't be needing that mission.'
i conceded, 'indeed, scorpius does move in strange ways, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.'
i offered a hand, and she gave me her cheek.
we wandered together, her voice soft and gracious as her movements, here eyes offered a kind madness, not human, more animal, more dead than alive.
i wanted to bring her to life, but it would be pointless, scorpius was beyond life and death.
we walked and talked, small talk, she seemed to know a lot about me, more than i did so i played it safe, said little, listened and contemplated her nature.
as we walked she seemed to change, her features shifted, her hair colour went from darkest black to red, through to blonde and black again, her eyes however remained the same. 
we stopped walking, the moon bathed us in it's light and i knew we were at the destination.
'captain mission, it has been lovely walking with you, i have enjoyed your contemplations but i summoned you here for a reason.'
i smiled, 'you sent me a text message, that's hardly a summoning, how did you know i would turn up?'
'you have a curious mind, it was inevitable you would.'
'inevitable,' i pondered the implications momentarily, 'well it has certainly been a pleasure, but tell me what you want from me, i'll listen and make a decision based on how i feel about your request.'
'you can't decide, it's just inevitability. however i want to share my desire with you, my wish. i want you to defeat the hydra.'
whatever romance was in the atmosphere was replaced by hyper-vigilence, my face must have given my concern away.
'don't worry mission, you are almost there. just be aware the next few parts of the process are going to be tricky, defeat it mission, that's your mission.'
she started walking into the ocean, the water wrapping itself around her feet,'should you choose to accept it.'
if it was a summers night i would have waded in after her but it was cold, i noticed i was freezing, shivering, even my teeth were starting to chatter. i had turned up in my old church t shirt and my hemp pants, barefoot. my skin was ice. i did watch her disappear, uncertain weather night swallowed her up first or the sea.
trudging back following my own footprints (there were no traces of hers) i found my car where i left it, stuck the zap gun in the glove box, checked my phone, drove home listening to some ambient music. 
i boiled a saucepan of water for a hot drink and had a hot shower, came down, made my drink and fell asleep on the sofa without even having a sip.


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