Saturday, December 31, 2011

well i can't say it's been a brilliant year but there have been some peak moments, the sk stuff, the solo gig upstairs in that little italian joint was great, the award for the hall of fame was pretty amazing, the david neil gigs were fantastic especially the dee why one where sk made videos and i hung out with rickey and steve, sam and wilde childe back stage, the amazing night at the enmore. man those just were the perfect moments. i mean how many people get to be friends with their heroes and then find out that their hero does not disappoint them in any way what so ever, in fact it helps validate your taste in heroes when the rest of the world suddenly works out why this person is so exceptional? 

then there was some lovely times with miss cupcake before the drinking, there was also some brilliant times with val and olga, the recording of snuff music was a brilliant process, the content is good, and evan and leanne who told me they are expecting a baby, that was pure joy for they are such wonderful people and i guess those moments when i chat with jake on skype or the phone are great to because we can't get further away geographically, there are quite a few books i read that really were fantastic, especially the rick moody book, 'the four fingers of death' but also the moonchild book which i re-read recently, i enjoyed it and learnt quite a bit along side reading it with the biography which once again validates the work of an anti hero, someone society excluded from history, who it turns out they say was the most wickedest man in the world when he was actually another fucking genius. 

my works been great but all in all it's been a year of blows that have really tested me, blows below the belt, right in the balls. it changed me, made me more defensive, less trusting and slightly harder to reach and i had to deal with it, all the time it sat there inside me fucking up my aura until i retreated to where i have to go. the magickal will. that fortress is impenetrable but it's also quite functional and works.

and my friend tim who assisted write my defence, completely different from my own one which just spoke the truth, he was kind enough to point out truth has nothing to do with a court room, and he spent a lot of time with me, during which i got to see his genius in action. 

it's been a year of breaking off old friends and making new ones, a year of strange turbulence but i managed to get through and now it's 2012 and we are all heading onwards to meet fate and i am focused, on track and happy. stronger, smarter, and closer.

dear readers, i wish you the best for this year, i believe that it's important to find your place, your  position in the 2012 shift, this is only done by intuition, trust it brothers and sisters for it will not deceive you, believe in the power of love, believe in the universe as an intelligent feminine principle and get in touch with the part of it that exists within yourself. i will show you how to do this in the next few weeks. 

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