Tuesday, December 20, 2011

this devil is a woman, she is a tall drop dead beauty with immaculate tastes in clothing art and friends, she surrounds herself with desire inflamed with passion that's why the flames, she tosses suitors aside like broken toys, she lures you with her eyes first, undresses you with her mouth, she has the lips of a movie star and the ways of mythology never leaving evidence but always a clue.
i wandered around in the desert, kinda born again but in a sexy way, looking like a beat poet in a sharp suit, unshaven and unholy but with a funky haircut and nice shades, my suit was filthy, my feet bare. i drew a magick circle with a stick, lit a candle waited till dusk before the invocation.
did i mention conjuration's require sacrificing something, it's an old sumerian precondition magickians can't get out of until december 2012, usually some sort of body fluid is used but i had already spilt some blood from the cuts on my hand and forehead, so i offered that as the deal sweetener, however this little fallen angel required cash being the ruler of extortion rackets so i slipped  some dollars down into the pile she had already burnt then i started, it only took a short time for her to appear, with her serpent tooth smile and her lithe body wrapped in silks and leather boots, swaying like herods daughter i could see her ways sprawling out as she spoke, promises of this and that, the stuff that lures, fame, glamour, orgasms, domestic bliss, notoriety, all falling around my feet for me to claim, everything i ever wanted on a silver platter, lumberjack cakes, coconut milks from the tropics, she was doing her best to lick my heels, she was quite sophisticated in her charms, offered me nivarna, peace, love, sex, obliteration, war, death, everything a man could desire but she knew i was on a mission, the circle held, she gazed into my eyes and our wills met, the chime of a gentle cymbal, rings out through the universe her knees gave way and she fell slightly and then i saw the evil intention for a moment, in her eye it flashed and then it slipped away receding like a sack of kittens drowning in a dark river, she gave a shudder before she fell upon her knees.
she said, 'why summon me.'
'to defeat you.'

this is the nature of duality, we create what our subconscious desires and it comes with its price, we must defeat our own desires, the war is internal, we must no longer desire and then we are in a place of power over those that do. is this humility or just ego, depends on intent. even power is an illusion. 
you are the enemy of your self, love has to be unconditional to be received unconditionally and that's when it can move the mountain, for unconditional love opens all doors and windows, it knocks down walls. one should walk with that in their heart and observe the day and night how it effects their reality, then try it with anger.
to unconditionally love your nemesis is what jesus did in the desert, when you say, 'get behind me satan' you're binding the forces that rule desire to your will, those forces exist within you, tame those and the external one is nothing but smoke and vapours. 
that can only be done from a place of love. intention rules, over and over again, the poets now this is true, they mystics know, the magickians know, all creation is manifested to experience unbound delight, it is female and therefore open to receiving, humanity is able to receive yet we are in pain again and again for existence is suffering, how can we reconcile this.
by the ancient truth of the sages, the buddhists and kabbalists shared the same methods, through devotional contemplation, ultimately destroying the mind in order to not use it to find the truth. for the mind is in the suffering, it cannot possibly get the picture unless it is not used to perceive it, which opens the way off the heart. however this is a warrior path, and will be tested for what warrior can be a warrior unless they have tasted warfare and are non attached to the idea of death itself. meet the challenge, evolve your own self, push through the fear and desire born from fear, trust the process, trust your own intentions. make them honourable not necessarily good. 
these are preconditions to the magickal path.
the secret chiefs, the scared forces that work inter dimensionally, have given us many ways to have a relationship with the universe, tantra, meditation, yoga, shamanistic plant medicines, intuition are all pathways inwards, to 'tune in' but to 'turn on' one requires devotional elements, practice and commitment, and to 'drop out' requires no fear and total trust that the intelligence of the universe will direct you to it as long as you are aligned and in harmony with it's will. those that do are avatars and often present as mad.

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