Tuesday, June 28, 2022

what's happened to me?
work has lost it's meaning. i literally resent my time there now. the company is just a nasty awful manager heavy sleek money machine that operates from plush glass hi tech offices on the northern beaches and lets it's clients live in leaking old homes that fall apart. there is no joy left in my work, just endless communication issues as various african, indian middle eastern people struggle with basic english. the simplest thing now takes half a day, because communication skills are deficit.  it's an awful feeling watching an industry you are passionate about turn into the blandest institutionalised service that basically pretends it's cutting edge. 
anyway fortunately work is no longer my life. i don't have to spend much time there anymore. lets say it pays the mortgage. 
recently i feel 'her' my twin, it's intense and awful as sometimes i want to pick up the phone and say hello, but to do that would just be far to pointless, a woman who is so vain and sociopathic will lead to no joy or peace, just the dumb drama she creates.
i fight the urge and end up meeting some friends in the city, we wander through our fave spots, i end up in a polish tee shirt shop buying a really hp lovecraft inspired design, and my friend buys a dragon. later i realise how expensive the items were but i guess the design is exceptional and i do need new tee shirts.
the shop specialises in tattoo artists from poland who design for tee shirts but only very limited editions so there are only about 100 printed. the quality is excellent although i have to cut the sleeves off.
i end up in spice alley, it's amazing, vibrant and colourful, filled to the brim with people and the smell of street food is almost a meal itself. i love this place as we weave through the restaurants and colours, as we split up to find our sources, wow eating should be an experience. i like asian culture, it feels natural to me, the food is energy dense, the steam, heat, the colour and freshness. everyone looks happy, it's an orgy of food. 


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