Sunday, June 05, 2022

jake and i in london, the trains are packed and the streets crowded with people, flags and banners everywhere. it's quite amazing. apparently the queen is having a party, there's a few big bands and famous types playing, duran duran, nile rodgers, elton john, rod stewart, some big names i have never heard of. it's alicia keys that steals the show, she is just amazing.
we head for govinda's for hare krishna food. wonderful, you can't really go wrong with that. i remember when jake was a kid we would often go to the temple for lunch. he would have a set of bongos he would play in the back of the car while i would ad lib some words. 
if i was ever dating someone i'd always take em to the cinema upstairs, i saw so many films there but inevitably after such a lovely diner i would fall asleep halfway through the film, those massive comfy cushions didn't help. 

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