Tuesday, June 14, 2022

i spend a few days reacclimatising, it's so cold at night i'm in bed early and wake up at dawn.  the birds are there to greet me, it's a good time for me to check e mails, make coffee and put some laundry on. i've had so much to do around the house, gardening, de-cluttering and generally getting rid of a lot of junk i no longer need. i'm highly motivated at the moment, i even do my work outs and stretching. i tend to walk around the block, looking at the wonderful gardens, down by the little river at the back of my house. i'm reading a bit, finished alastair reynolds, 'inhibitor phase' just before i left the uk, and now i am enjoying, 'how to kill your family,' a very well written english novel by a lady called, bella mackie.

inhibitor pahse continues where absolution gap left us, although it is a stand alone novel it makes sense to read the sequence in order. this is the best sci fi writer around in my opinion so i loved it, but want more. no one writes science fiction like alastair. 

'kill' is a very dark, funny and cleverly written story, filled with wry observations and a relentless plot that keep you on your toes, it's perfect for an airplane journey. i really loved the main character, she is the perfect anti hero, i just hope she makes it. i'm halfway through and try to read a chunk each day.

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