Thursday, June 23, 2022

since my return it has been hectic, but in a good productive sort of way. i've achieved a few things around the house, set the garden furniture up so i can now enjoy an al fresco breakfast and write from the luxury of my new outdoor office space, perfecto. 
secondly my garden has been hacked back, the jungle now trimmed down to a minimum, encouraging growth for spring. it looks amazing, and i am also prepping the indoor plants for spring planting, new pots, new plants. if i can just find a good self watering system!
i've thrown out a hell of a lot of stuff, papers and junk i kept on to, it feels much more lighter inside, the books are a problem but as soon as i can adapt the space in the garage i will have storage space, another room. 
yesterday i helped tina move house, she's up from melbourne and needed a hand, so in my enthusiasm i offered. i almost regretted it as it was extremely physical but i enjoyed the exercise and met her new employers who are setting up an organic spice warehouse. they were amazing, and i now have a great organic spice contact. tina drove me home at about 11pm so i was well fucked.
the mornings i spend walking up to the lookout, it's a punishing walk and i'm usually outta breathe at the peak but the view is magnificent and the whales are swimming north. you can see them, it's wonderful. by then the sun had risen and i'm ready for my coffee. 
slowly i get there, step at a time, my new life looks brilliant.

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