Friday, April 21, 2017

the man comes fixes the leak, it's a big job, it's expensive so i head away to see my accountant and have lunch with an ex girlfriend. my accounts are fucking desperate, things slide from bad to worse but i spin some numbers and do some fiscal juggling, throw chance to the wind and see what happens. it could be my ruin but i feel it may be a salvation of sorts.
lunch is nice vietnamese vegetables, some green tea. i enjoy the company to be honest, it's been a long time since i saw this girl and she's still kooky and smart. we should never have had a relationship, we were to alike, and it was nuts. like really nuts but wow, we created so many dramas and left so much damage in our wake. now, older wiser we are battle worn and jaded. i should have never had a relationship but we should have gone into business, we worked very well together.
i show her some picture of jake and tell her about my brain injury. she laughs i laugh and i guess we just laugh.
'are you happy,' i ask.
'good. i couldn't bear to be unhappy on my own.'
it's a strange old life.

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