Thursday, April 13, 2017

anyone who understands the state of play right now is lying through their teeth, allegiances are shifting, aircraft carriers and nuclear subs are an their way as north korea gets ready to take south korea down with it. some where some one will bomb some one else. good guys bad guys, it don't matter now. 
assad fights isis, isis fights everyone who is not isis, russia helps assad, europe wants to fight russia, everyone is someones enemy and something has to give.
the fact is the war was coming as the usa and china are in deep debt. there is no way out after every other developed nation decided qualitative easing was the solution. the only way out is the war machine. it's like the default button for unimaginatively dumb people, and their dumbness knows no border. 
this is going to be a long weekend. 
i have no idea if something will happen but everyone seems to be taking a position, the deck is clear, the pieces are falling in position. i guess we will know on monday. 

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Keep it secret.