Sunday, April 02, 2017

so much rain, i drive through what is like an ocean. the freeway traffic slowed down to a sort of weak pulse. i drive blind, even the tail lights in front are just washed out by the rainfall. torrential is an understatement. 
cars are almost stationary, my module has all comforts, i'm listening to some 'speed of stars' it all makes sense when you have the right soundtrack.
the drive usually takes 40 mins, it took me 110 mins, i usually drive at 120k, i was at a crawl most of the way. once a truck sped past me going the opposite way, a huge wave of water rose out of the bleakness, i couldn't see it clearly, it was just a blur but as it hit my car it sent me into the other lane. i don't know what these truck drivers were doing, thinking they are invincible, making a deadline, it's crazy they pay no heed to conditions. 
when i get to where i am going the driveway is flooded, no access. there's no way i can get to the door unless i have a canoe.
the weather is nuts here at the moment.
later i see on a tv some shots of the north, devastation, whole towns drowned. queensland suffers worst but northern nsw also cops the brunt. it's a hard land, hard country, a massive shark gets thrown out of the ocean onto the streets. imagine that!

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