Monday, July 06, 2015

i return. the blog locked me out so i have been unable to post anything for over a month, i was locked out my e mail account to. technology enslaves us people, it's here to stay, i may have to embrace it in order to evolve although there's a huge philosophical argument as to if we are evolving or not. i went to stockholm, stayed on a boat in the older part of the city. i found a science fiction bookshop, an underground bar, some runes and a runestone.
i arrived in london, saw an amazing church show, i went to brighton met my very good friends tez and jean, had an awesome week even recorded a tune, i returned to london and went up north to manchester catching up with my aunt, uncle and niece. i came back to the south where i hung out with jake and my immediate family. i went to finland where i found a brilliant city, helsinki which i fell in love with. i must return there. helsinki in the sun is splendid, such a beautiful place.
i return to sydney for the church show, blurred crusade and some further deeper, my god it was amazing. i travel home, back to mission control. my fish are missing, presumed dead and buried. it's nice to be home although it takes a few days to settle into things. my book will be out soon, in it's updated version. 
i may do a few signed limited editions for a launch in the city. 
i miss jake, i miss him heaps but i know he is where he has to be and i'm glad for that. proud dad, it's a strange feeling but i couldn't be happier with him. what a guy. we spent a lot of time walking around london, he showed me the new london, it had changed so much, for the better, it really has the vitality and innovativeness that sydney lacks. i understand how backwards we are here in australia in some ways, and why jake doesn't belong here. he looks great in london, leads an interesting colourful lifestyle and is surrounded by great friends, travels the world. his dream is to live in brazil or buy a home in london. he will.   

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