Friday, May 15, 2015

normal chaos pre overseas trip, usual suspects, everyone else. i'm good to go however legal peeps are on my tail, dept. bureaucrats need to pin me down, papers need signing, numbers need crunching, letters need shredding, posting, writing....
it's hopeless really, the endless things one has to juggle, the balls in the air, the hoops you are required to jump through, the money that you burn. part of me wants to be going to bali where i can just sit down read and relax, part of me wants to be on an empty beach with a girl living the good life as we drink out coconuts and watch the sunset. but instead i'm a frenzy, whirlpool of conflicting emotional tangents as people need their pieces of pie, jesus i'm doing my best not to get stressed out watching everyone else stress out. 
bags still not packed, money still not sorted, amenities still not settled, i will just leave it all in the air and deal with it later. it's pointless depending on people let alone the council, let alone....telstra, the evil corporation behind it all. 

looking forwards to seeing jakob, my dad, hanging out with martin in some bar, looking forwards to catching up with tez and jean in the south, looking forwards to seeing my crazy family, the aunts and uncles and cousins, looking forwards to sweden, the new language, the casual healthy stress of an alien culture, new environment, new faces. gotta be good for the soul right?

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