Monday, May 11, 2015

there's a strong wind blowing through the trees, the leaves swirl around in their currents and gather at my door yet i myself am blown along, various different currents fighting over my trajectory. work one's pull, social ones tug, responsible ones heave and selfish ones ho but all in all i have to take some responsibility and chart my own course. my sights are set on a city i have always wanted to visit, my strange mental landscape already made a home there long ago, in another lifetime when i was a scandinavian, a sailer, voyager, solider, slave, i don't know really, maybe i was never there but the longing always has been. i will know when i wander the streets of stockholm, certainty will enter my heart through my blood vessels and activate some memory junction. whatever is ahead, my course is true despite strong winds, despite squall and whirlpool, i am on target.

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