Saturday, July 18, 2015

obviously i can't fight a whole massive govt. body, i'm accepting that, and also that the culture of australia is based around the opposite of innovation. it's inherent in the actual people who seem to be corrupt on some level within themselves. no ones perfect granted but there is a strange anomaly here and i wouldn't be the first to notice it. it exists everywhere, i know that and is not just limited to these antipodal shores. however compared to scandinavia and canada it does appear somewhat magnified.
institutionalised thinking creates a kind of stagnation, a rot sets in and any change becomes impossible, australians being nervous around black people are highly agitated around smart ones. and the worst kind are ones that are fearless in their critique of the establishment. over in oz i'm considered black, in europe people don't even categorise me into race, i'm just accepted as a person. 
is it just a racial thing, no i don't think so. it's far deeper than that, maybe going back to the days of a convict settlement, the fact that even today australia holds up its criminals in more esteem than its artists and creatives. it celebrates it's murderers, bank robbers and serial killers to the point where they would get their own chat shows or mini series. there's a thin line between the police and the criminal element, the two are entwined to the point they are indistinguishable in manner, sometimes even the criminal has more sophistication than the average policeman whom in entering a govt body that already owns his balls and has them over a slow fire, has no choice but to comply. 
all govt. bodies work this way, they maintain a status quo and woe be-tied anyone who attempts to challenge it, innovators, are the enemy, especially the dark ones who are to smart for their own good.
so i have to accept the obvious, it's hard. but i have to. and i have to also adapt for this is what is required more than anything for me to survive. 

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