Saturday, July 11, 2015

no time for anything, straight back into the thick and thin of madness as i work for the dept. possibly the most backward thinking organisation one can imagine. man, one day i'd love to write a book about how useless this dept is, how they are run by power crazed bullies only interested in self preservation and covering up their own mistakes. one day i will spill the beans and name the names. tick tock it's only a matter of time. 
australia is so backwards, it's as clear as day, we are stuck in a bubble of 1950's thinking and it will bite us. our traditional industries are digging up earth, all other manufacturing is discouraged. the trade agreements mean we now pay more for australian products than americans pay for australian products. chinese farms buy up australian lands, houses and politicians. this govt is not interested in australians any more than it's rivals, all are bound by global agendas. is there any hope for us. it's depressing man, seeing the fucking idiots in charge making the same stupid mistakes over and over, it's the spin cycle of stupidity. i'm all for spiritual anarchy, rule thyself and be true to that but do not pretend superiority by politic. 

finally i clean mission control, it's reasonably presentable and conducive to create something interesting. my books should be here soon for proof reading, and then i must sell them while writing more.

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