Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Playground weekender is a three day festival on the hawksberry river, various international djs and bands play and there’s a ferry service shuttling people back and forth from wisemans ferry, a tranquil and beautiful little village, where angel stone, agent carly and her friend bergit and myself had rented a room in the local pub.
As it was fancy dress the girls had created an mix of angelic and demonic outfits, naughty angels, whereas I had taken my casual approach to fancy dress by just being myself. From the moment we arrived the girls went into party mode, drinking and snorting, and by the time it came to catch the ferry angel stone had trashed herself. So we arranged to meet her down there and off the three of us went.
We followed an excellent vibe , a beautiful and tranquil river journey in the incredible bush, I was in heaven, my body relaxed my mind at peace. When we left the ferry we explored the festival, sprawled over a huge amount of land, were several different areas, stages and a corridor of wonderful stalls selling things from foodstuffs to clothes and make up. Some areas had lunge chairs and coffee tables outside; some were designed like a huge Persian chill out tent, with beautiful soft cushions to sprawl upon. Agent stone had not arrived on the ferry as arranged and so we decided to just follow the currents and see where we went. I spoke to random people, all very friendly and all looking quite happy, eventually we came to a huge stage where Kuder and Doirffmister were playing a funky upbeat set. We danced a bit, and then after about an our I felt a pull somewhere. The thing about these events and my own personal space is I do pick up on currents and waves of energy and if my instincts are strong they usually lead me to something significant, the walk back to the other side of the festival took about an hours, especially as the girls were looking at the goods on sale and we all were talking to everyone who listened.
When we got to a new environment they were playing some Madonna tune everyone dancing and obviously trashed. Agent Carly suddenly screamed and jumped up and down because there in front of her was angel stone.
Next morning the girls lay in while I went back to chat with the Krishnas and eat Krishna food.
I bought an updated version of the Gita.
Later I met the girls who were devouring breakfast, we wandered around, having our fortunes told, our head massaged and getting more and more into the spirit of the playground. Home late Sunday.
Monday morning and its my birthday, I’m down the street in Avalon and Larissa buys me a cake.
We discuss our group and the journeys, some drama unfolded in my absence, but it just means I need to learn more and take more responsibility, something I think I was born to do here.
Later I visit Agent stone, she’s okay, well recovered, we go to the beach and I surf in perfect waves. Its been so long, I’m in there for hours.
Later I meet my brother in Kings Cross, we go to Govinda’s, its my fave place and the film upstairs is ‘Darjeeling Tea Company’ which we decide to see, sprawled out on huge cusions, im torn between falling asleep and watching the film, but in the end my nausea gets the better of me and I have to leave, at neutral bay I throw up, race home, get thyself to bed, restless night, strange crushing sensations in chest.

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