Sunday, March 16, 2008

over the last few days the weather and surf conditions have been perfect for surfing, so i have been taking my trusty old fin to the beach for about 6 hours a day of surfing which is now becoming a yoga technique in itself. i've been thinking about writing a small book for people who use fins based upon my experience, yoga techniques, meditations and visualizations and various scientific theory.
im formulating a kinda simple book with many practical exercise's people can use, nothing to weighty and keeping everything kinda light.

other news is i am totally relaxed at peace and chilled out, i've been working on my throat charkra and focusing on getting the web site finished. should be online soon.
i've got my new computer up and running, just need to get the kaoss pad out and hook up the software, i also have to develop my ideas about the kinda sound i want in 'esoterotica.'
the idea being less is more, i want a vibration for each song. well time will tell.
adventures is almost ready to rock, i think i'm ready to start rehearsals, and committed to the songs more than i felt i was.

i've been hanging out in govindahs, my fave place in sydney after dark, what amazing food. i'm drawn to the picture of krishna in all his forms, towering above arjuna and in blue, wow its so molecular.

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