Wednesday, March 05, 2008

i'm possessed by the idea that i need to get hold of a copy of 'the supreme yoga' so i jump in my friends car and hi tail it into the city, he drops me off and i'm making a dash for adyar, the best book shop in sydney, although they have not got the supreme yoga, they do remember me as a valued regular and make me feel quite welcome but....curses!!!!!
i stock up on some Chris Hyatt stuff and head for 'Galaxy' around the corner where i scan the shelves for new sci fi, i pick up a copy of a book called, 'glass books of the dream eaters' buy it and run to 'dymocks' where they do a though search but announce they don't have the supreme yoga either. race home, on a bus filled with school kids, they are loud and filled with phrenetic energy, i fall asleep.
At home i buy several titles from 'amazon' and then i think to myself, ahhh that actually makes sense.

i've had a little time to adjust to the change in my brain, its still occurring but its slower, information is being shuffled around, i'm rather enjoying this update to my hard drive, tomorrow i will actually pick up a new machine.

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