Sunday, December 25, 2022

well rested after my burst of industry, i have spent the last week organising other peoples xmas and finally get a day off to rest and recuperate. i'm up early for a surf, the waves are choppy but the water warm. it feels good and my energy centers sort themselves out into some sort of realignment. 

my plants seem to enjoy a little extra attention as i water them and play them some nice music. mission control looks a bit chaotic still these afghan builders are still completing construction so it's shambolic and i am at their mercy. once it's completed i shall feel a sense of contentment as i can expand a little. 

i drive over to zabriski point,  a stunning mansion where i will stay for a few weeks, it has spectacular views and the split level design is striking and funky. there's art work everywhere, colourful and flamboyant, a wonderful  oceanic breeze straight into the lounge and my own throne right up the top with panoramic views. the house is massive with the bedrooms up back and an outdoor spa. down the front of the house is the beach. 

i head home for the xmas experience.

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