Saturday, December 31, 2022

snappy newt ears, she said.
i must have misheard her.
'did you say snappy newt ears,' i asked.
'yeah, what you got planned?'
'oh a quiet one, actually jake and myself will just have a drink together and go to bed, wake up and have a surf.'
'no fireworks or parties.'
'nope, not my thing. i like getting up early with a clear head and having a ocean swim. what do you have planned?'
'i'm going to meditate.'
'well have a nice trip and send me a postcard.'
we smile.
'hi, arrived in meditate, having a lovely time looking at the galleries and buildings, it's all very peaceful and calm. wish you were here.'
i nod my head still smiling, 'that sounds like a postcard i'd like to get, especially the wish you were here part.'

reflecting upon the year that was, highlights, basically the church gig, seeing steve at the shark fish tank party type thing, starting my boxing regime and seeing jake for 15 mins on xmas day, hanging out with him at the big beach house and seeing what a great guy he is. 
he gifted me the most amazing xmas present ever. very cool.

projecting to the year ahead, i have a lot to do. 

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