Friday, May 04, 2018

i have a work colleague who seems obsessed with me, she writes hundreds of text messages and sends me photographs of dogs, food and  links to news that does not interest me, she phones me to inform me about insignificant trivial matters. 
i had a coffee today with almond milk
i saw a bat
i moved a piece of rock
i like cheese thats yellow.
bobs a bit weird.
mark needs to get more pants.
jenny says hi.
carolines nice.
it's endless, a stream of incoherent meaningless babble from a brain that desperately wants to be a writer or journalist or a film maker but only manages to talk rubbish most of the time. 
anyways she recently met a man who is some sort of ufo guru and she told me about him thinking i would like him, i don't. she told me not to tell him she had told me he was interested in ufo's. i didn't ever engage with the guy, he's not someone i want to get to know. however he approached me, knowing far to much about me, i asked how he knew this and was informed this girl had spoken to him. 
he was rude and intrusive, probing me about my book, and my music. i  felt very uncomfortable about the whole thing, being interrogated by ufo man left me feeling very bitter. i hate people who fucking think they know me, think they can just be my friend and have access to my ideas and personal information. it really pisses me off.
the girl is a twit. i have nothing in common with her other than i work with her, the ufo man is a twit as well, i wish she would get obsessed about him instead of me. 

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