Thursday, December 14, 2017

when your number is up, it's up. such is my nonchalant attitude to it all, the bad news is in, all hope is lost, and yet...
the great adventure begins, the transition into a new dimension awaits, the unknown is my friend as we have known one another a long time now so there is not much to fear, it's just letting go, there's nothing else to say. words fall into black holes, lines bend along with light, curved space turns me on, the void baby, it's such a beautiful peace. all things die, all things are born again. 

may the force be with you. 

maybe they can save me, maybe i can save myself. maybe baby. but what's to save, a bag of bones, a data bank of memories that are spilling over, warm blood and cold breath, so many low points but the highlights were amazing. 
the church, bowie, seeing the world before it became the globe, making music, writing, the surf, the stars, the vine. the force was with me. always.

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Anonymous said...

Captain Mission:

I realize that I have nothing to lose now. I just want you to know that the woman you thought was your mother was anything but your mother. If she had loved you with half the fervor I have in my heart her decision to reverse your training and move you to me would have been much simpler. As it stands, she has a mess to clean-up.

I wish the ticket had stayed in the post. I was ready to meet you no matter what I looked or smelled or tasted like. I know my heart. I know my mind. I know what is going to happen to you.

All I can say is I hope they get it right this time. Because, in the grand scheme of the Universes, every step we make which is calculated on profit, is death.

Taxes are just the payback.