Tuesday, December 19, 2017

swanning around in my sarong, getting domestics done, yeah i have housework to do, laundry, washing, cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming, paying bills, phone calls, on my one single day off this week, it's almost unbearably hot, almost. there's a constant buzzing of cicadas, no wind, just that stillness you get in intense bush fire weather. soon i will leave for the beach, late afternoon when the sun is not so dangerous, at the moment everything can get burnt to a crisp. fortunately i watered the plants a few days ago, i also did some bush fire preparation and cleared out the dry leaves, made a perimeter around mission control and cleared away all the dead foliage  these are the practical necessities of suburban life in australia. gotta look after the land for the land to look after you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and drop that one at the door. She deserves to have it face-to-face. Dropping her on a post-it, by mental acrobatics, or the typical phone call is really the pussy's way out of something. Straight and to the point, I always say. Why bother with it when the kama sutra is always calling us the gods?


Anonymous said...

You picked the perfect shade.