Thursday, July 27, 2017

i have infiltrated the structure, it's weakness is it's strength and its strength is its weakness. one would imagine that this type of tolerance rate would create some equilibrium but in a universe where  matter is on a trajectory with entropy we have to investigate the weakness.
the stronger the structure the stronger it's integrity. this applies to non physical things as well as matter. an idea must have integrity, which means it must translate from imagination into some tangible form. there are no political forms that will survive, democracy is broken and slips further towards some other collective agenda, socialism, fascism, technocracy. 
the religious beliefs are equally volatile, built on lies, half truths and misconceptions. 
they fight for control, control itself is explosively unstable. enter a struggle for control and you may find yourself loosing it just by taking a side.
there are a handful of techniques that have survived time, and human pollution.
the basis of art is shamanism, from which techniques analogue to magick have grown, these last because they are unconscious castings, often thrown out into the world without much intellectual consideration. dreams come true.
modern magick attempts to rationalise and formulate the process but there is little point, for in the magickal universe time has no place. the event you cast may happen at any time, it may even of happened at some other place in someone else's life. it may never happen. however all unconscious wish fulfillments end up in someones future. 
calibrating this technique is the science of magick.

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