Thursday, July 27, 2017

complex constellations require a slightly better perspective, navigate a path where the complexity becomes elegant. it's a neurological magick. 
i've not always been a yellow magickian but lately i find myself floating towards this concept. i have no interest other than selfish when it comes to the black skools, for they are only interested scepticism of the white skool.
the white skool itself aspires to revere god, or whatever that intelligence is, but the yellow is detached, it keeps it's understanding internalised and examines them as he goes, which is the way of the scientist i imagine, no conclusions, only observation of the observer. 
i have learnt, never react to changes. always respond in a considered way, over a period of time. time in an ingredient magicians often forget to include in their will because one should never focus on a result, but it needs to be taken into account because the expectation of a fast result will disappoint. 

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