Tuesday, May 30, 2017

not quite sure how i did it, paid off two huge bills, one left although it's going to hurt. however after this i will be in the black again. 
the pressure of debt is awful, i hate it but these days it's the normal. credit cards just eat ya up, bills drown you, tax suffocates, fees for this and fees for that. 
my postman pulls up, i have not seen him for months, he calls out my name and we have a chat about a few things. he's aboriginal so i talk to him about the reconciliation meeting at uluru. he disagrees, he thinks we should have one law, one govt. one culture, australian. he says the dangers are when other cultures start wanting their own arm of government. me, i disagree on the fact the committee didn't ask for a seperate government just an advisory body. 
anyway we have a good chat outside my front garden, the winter sun warms my skin. he tells me about a lee scratch perry gig he saw, we both agree that cat is a cosmic anomaly  tapped into some extra dimensions. i heard him speaking once at a show i saw and i couldn't understand what he was raving on about but i liked him a lot. he was some sort of rambling stream of rastaman consciousness. 
my son rings from overseas, he's packed in his old job and has a couple of weeks off before the new post. he tells me he's nervous about the change. we talk strategy, dealing with change is tricky, you really gotta immerse yourself in the whole thing and stop resistance. it gets harder as you get older as the neural network calcifies. you settle into patterns. when change comes you resist, get stressed and fight it. that's fear. you have to acknowledge it, feel its energy and begin to take control. breath it out, let it go, embrace the unknown.
anyway i offer him some counsel. 
it's getting cold here in sydney, that bite is in the air, at dusk i can smell the fireplaces in the street as people fire up. winter is coming.

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