Sunday, May 21, 2017

i often wonder if water has it's own intelligence, a sort of biology that consists of variations of life just as the human body has it's organs and components perhaps whales and seahorses are following some unknown function in a body of ocean that operates in a different type of consciousness than human. it's something that has been played around within science fiction but never considered in philosophy until lately, as the ecology becomes more obvious to our way of life.
water and atmosphere are just components of a vast intelligence, the earth or gaia could indeed be a single organism, an intelligent design. it would be intelligent to follow that model based upon what we understand about our own biology. the issue is science itself is problematic as it is a few laws that only work in this universe but depend upon the observation. if one looks at the atlantic ocean it's just water. if one looks at the atlantic and all it contains it's an environment, if one looks at the atlantic and it's relationship to the land and skies it's an ecology.
ecology has no boundaries which is why i am more of an ecologist than an greenie. the green movement is a dumb version of socialism. i could never be a member of such a dimwitted group. 
one day after a voyage with my fave amazonian plant medicine i returned to the early morning light with some information. i was in the company of some very important people whom held quite significant sway in the environmental movement. i said 'the green movement is dead, it has lost its way and now requires to be superseded by a new political philosophy that embraces a wider perspective, the ecological party. a system that includes industry and resources with democracy as it's foundations. words like sustainability and environmentalism need reclaiming from the dumbed down socialist agenda and incorporated into wholistic functional reality. ecology would never exclude geological evidence from it's climate debate, it would consider solar activity within it's anthropogenic evaluations and it would never use the results as a political scare campaign. 
anyways the people that listened went on to form an ecological organisation. it's a real thing spawned from my brain, given to me from the south american jungles.    

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