Wednesday, March 01, 2017

vale maime
champagne always flowed, laugher abound, and children always running around us exploring the big house, splashing in that big pool, man, those were happy days. even when i was freshly divorced i always found joy in that pool. she was a matriarch that's for sure, possibly in a family of matriarchs, bigger than life, an abundance of joy and positivity. lot's of love floating around that place, a sanctuary for kids, adults, people in need, and family and friends. 
when i worked with her she was straight up, tough and real. we took in many troubled homeless kids, kids on the gear, kids abused, kids who were no longer kids. we took em down the beach, surfing on boogie broads and we would spend all day in the water, in the sun, just playing. no fucking talking, no fucking deep heavy shit, just play and slowly after three days man, those kids would smile again, their fucking faces would change and they would look like kids again. we were a crisis service and this was our solution to crisis. maime understood that. a good feed and a surf. get these kids back to whom they are not what experience forced them to become. it was a simple and elegant solution and a cure for all crisis. even my own, the surf has all the answers. it's basic.
cancer, fuck cancer right of the planet. 
wherever maime is she will be smiling, glass of champagne in hand and the party will be just kicking off.

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