Sunday, March 19, 2017

strange conditions dictate my circumstances, i'm no slave but i am trapped by forces i can't control. i sometimes wonder about the idea of freedom, in the true sense of the word. 
just how free am i?
how free are you?
on a sliding scale where do i sit, somewhere in the middle maybe. if i chose to be freer what do i sacrifice what do i gain. is it real? does it have value? how do i measure it?
somedays i feel freer than others, some days i feel like there's no freedom at all.
area's i am not free are money, family, negativity, doubt, fear and anxiety. i am not free of suffering, old age, pain, decay and death.
we trade freedom for responsibility.
in the old days where people were not so free i wonder if they were freer mentally, less stressed. i mean if you are a slave on a plantation i would assume your suffering is more local and focused. you would take joy where you find it, not worry so much about your family relationships,  taxes, getting a new car or the onslaught of old age. i think your main idea of freedom would be to escape the plantation and work on your own terms rather than someone else's.
freedom is a strange concept, none of us are really free are we?
i heard of people rotting away in towers who have mentally become liberated and free. i heard of millionaires who feel trapped and suffocating from the demands their wealth has brought. then there's people in syria or sudan who just want to be able to walk outside without being shot, people who would like to have fresh water and people who would like to just be self determining. 
freedom means a whole bunch of things.
when someone says 'i am free' it's a big statement.
are they.
do they just mean i wish i had less responsibility.
what would they do with it.
if i were free i would want you to be free to. i'd show you how to do it. it's what jesus and krishna did, it's what wise ones do. they show others how. sometimes they get laughed at or burnt. but once they have found freedom, nothing seems to ever trap them again. 
i think i found a way to be freer.
there are a few glitches. i can't escape time as much as i want to.
there best technology is the mind. be in the moment as much as possible. accept the responsibilities you have with gratitude. 
don't place any significance on to much, just acknowledge the experience and explore it and understand it's just an experience and try to love it as best you can. 
sure it may not set you free completely but it may make you freer than when you began reading this.

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