Monday, February 25, 2008

i'm emersed in stone song the crazy horse biography, what an amazing story, half way through there's a scene where the indians are talking about the white skins, its amazing writing,

'They have a blindness, they do not understand choice.'
He is referring to a sacred subject, and none of his hearers needed any explanation- no Lakota who had even started the path to adulthood did. A human being had skan, something that moves, spiritual vitality. The force of life itself gave the person skan when he or she is born. It also gave him choice, and through choice he or she grew into the man or woman they become. Skan was the motive power, choice was the direction.
A Lakota had a choice between good and evil, the red road and the black road, between what makes life beautiful and what makes it ugly. He or she had help from the spirit voice the quiet voice inside them, the spirit helper (usually an animal) what they saw when crying for a vision, personal medicine, prayer, ceremonies preformed alone or in community, choice remained inviolate.
No matter your way, the other Lakota would respect it, none would try to influence you, it was yours, your essence and sacred choice.
All this was fundamental to not even need saying. So what did it mean when an entire people did not understand choice?
It was unthinkable. Where they even human beings?
'Amongst the whites some think they can choose for others.' It was so stunning that Spotted Tail just let the words hang in the lodge heavy and oppressive. 'Then comes what you would expect, they quarrel with one another. They fight and kill one another, instead of respecting another mans way.'
'They hate our way' said Spotted Tail, his voice weary and faint, Their deepest desire is to change our way, to change our way of living and make us like them. I swear it.'

Tasunke coughed. Spotted Tail understood that he was voicing everyones horror. Why would anyone do such a thing? No Lakota would commit this sort of murder of spirit.

This is powerful writing, the book is filled with amazing information and insights into the Lakota ways and i feel incredibly drawn towards them.

Many people philosophize as to what is wrong with america, what's wrong with it is it has severed its esoteric root.

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