Saturday, February 19, 2022


two very excellent novels by what i feel; is a remarkable writer sara gran, obviously a woman i just want to fuck, after dinner if necessary. she's so fucking sexy and intelligent.
'dope' is a noir type novel sent in nyc in the 50's, it's junk fever, jazz and cheap hookers, bent cops, criminals and dealers. it's dirty, it stinks of cigarettes, weed and sex. 
josaphene, moves through it all seeking a missing teenager, weaving a trail of lonely shadow figures who haunt her past live before she cleaned up, a cast of grim dangerous individuals all with one thing in common.
poor josaphine twists, and turns with a plot that can only lead to the inevitable conclusion.
someone put chandler, thomspon and burroughs in a blender and got this intelligent gifted and brutal beast.
next novel i read,  'come closer' which puts the modern gothic back in horror. a possession story told by an immediately likeable protagonist as she attempts to accept the inevitable fate that awaits. this really was a horror novel worth reading and totally credible, ms gran writes with a natural flow, a gift for prose, character and  story, i really hope she gets the recognition she deserves, i think netflix or some movie company will adapt her books and she will become a name. it's great to see writers like this putting out books with their distinctive flavour in a bland world of publishing. 
i'm really looking forwards to getting hold of her 'claire de witt' novels and reading them. 
and fuck me dead, when i looked her up i see she wrote for my fave tv show 'berlin station!'
makes perfect sense why i love her.

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