Friday, January 28, 2022

those idiots, a legion of power crazed crocodiles salivating at the thought of more. more this more that, i want more. 
your thoughts betray you. 
more power, more fame, more control, more glory, more money, more sex, more accolades, more more more, till you can't get any more in. then what?

i'm reading max seeck's novel, set in finland, a place i like in summer. all that snow and long endless night in winter time would drive me nuts but my visit during summer was quite beautiful. home of moomintroll, my childhood escape. i remember a few years ago walking through a market down near the ferry in helsinki, a women selling tiny statue figures of strange little creatures. 'you put them in your garden, or under plants, they encourage growth,' she said with sincerity. 
'yes, i have many friends who live within my garden.'
we smile, she asks if i will catch the ferry.
'yes, i will.'
helsinki in summer is profoundly beautiful, the sun gets into everywhere no matter how concealed, it's like the light that curves around corners.i visit the momin shop, it's two stories and filled with every momin product you can think off. i think about tove, wonder what she would make of such consumerism and market capitalism. it's a global empire now. she would probably turn in her grave and then on the other hand proudly feel how her art has influenced the children who couldn't quite dig mickey mouse.
i was that kid, a kid alone looking at the stars in wonder. i still am, only the stars have lost a little shine, and so have i.

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