Wednesday, January 26, 2022

i enjoyed 'threshold' very much, particularly the ending which is excellent and completely paradoxical as it is the beginning of something else. everything ends with dmt and everything begins. i think personally the reason they keep it from us is 'they' know once experienced humanity has to re evaluate everything, history science, health, language, everything including cosmology.
i moved through the ayahuscia into the dmt, into the machine that runs the simulation. it's an alien experience, complete in every way known, it's the unknown. in order to access it one requires not just courage but madness, the same kind of madness is found in the poets, the idea of piercing the veil, breaking through, it's a shamanistic impulse to tear through the bullshit and behold the truth.
there is no language for this truth, no symbol, nothing can communicate it, just like the flea can never understand the fact it lives upon a dog, in a home, in a street, in a neighborhood, in a town, in a city, in a country, on a continent, on a planet on system, in a galaxy, in a universe.
dmt opens the door and through some quirk, for a fraction of time, allows you to see into the void but not long enough to ever establish a base there.
i've had large doses, met the machine intelligence.
ayahuscia opens windows but dmt opens the door.

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