Friday, November 05, 2021

'when we cease to understand the world' by benjamin labatut, is a brilliant journy through history and science, each paragraph so information rich and beautifully written you can't help but read it again, and again. this is an extraordinary book and for once deservedly shortlisted for the booker. 
i don't want to go into details because that may spoil your experience but personally it is rare to find a book that swims against the grain of thought contemporary society has engineered to stop being heard. we live in a vast orwellian age,  information is controlled, reality is changed by language and the perspective, the thought police are dressed up as moral conformists and if you transgress any of their codes, you are labelled sexist or racist. your past is trawled for aberrations and thus the the age of technocracy is upon us. algorithm determine everything,  from the weather down to personal health, choice is removed or overtly disguised but in reality is no choice. jab or job, is that a choice? 
so as science is forced upon us it's refreshing to read why science betrays what it means to be fundamentally human and humane. 
a brilliant book and i am only on page 20.

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