Tuesday, November 23, 2021

it's very rare for a book to seduce me from the first page but benjamin labatut's 'when we cease to understand the world' not only had me transfixed from page one, it maintained the magnetism throughout. the book is only comparable to howard bloom's 'lucifer code' but this is published as fiction. indeed there are snippets of fiction, indistinguishable from the fact and the facts range from the red stains under goring's fingers and toes as a consequence of his addiction to dihydrocodeine of which he took one hundred pills a day to the rivalry between schrodinger and heisenberg. we sweep from this opening vista through the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century in the quantum realm, the personalities that made them and the effects of their physiology. this is no ordinary book, it's extraordinarily vivid, packed with incredible information about pure mathematics theory without been mathematical. it really is a deep dive into the mental framework of the people whose minds worked outside the parameters of everyday life and the devastation their ideas when come to fruition and fully realised have made upon civilisation. 
currently we are in an age of science, where religion has been replaced with the scientific creeds and as people fall under it's spell, just as they did with religion, the true horror of science is revealed in this book and the stunning conclusion that exposes the real branch of science that betrays humanity.      

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