Friday, October 29, 2021

the science of today is computer modelling, not really a science at all. put a bunch of numbers into a program and get a result. science when applied to human life can only be verified by applying it to human life which is why trails for vaccines take a decade at least. i know enough about the thailidomide scandal not to think science in medicine has beneficial effects. the company that produced it marketed aggressively exploiting the safety and effectiveness on morning sickness yet it had never been tested on pregnant women. ten thousand children were born with radical deformities due to this safe medication. during the trail afterwards no guilty verdict was given. thus is the reach of the pharemcutical industries. pfizer a different company has a long history of legal issues, silent payouts for drugs they push and aggressively market to govts. around the world in long complex contracts that not only allow for no accountability but also allow for the drug company to seize assets from the countries if they fail to follow through. this is becuase one of the owners of pfizer is black rock, a financial investment company which basically funds warfare. it has a complex web of arms manufacturing, private security and pharmaceuticals companies that all work together and recently were given status 'to big to fail' just like the banks in the financial crisis.  yeah, stick that in a computer model.  

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