Wednesday, October 27, 2021

i read that there is an article today in the guardian that bastion of 'fair and balanced' reporting that most trendy australians think carry some credibility and most english people gave up on years ago when they realised it was an upmarket version of green left weekly but sadistically printed daily. it said social media posts had been put into an artificial intelligence simulated program and found conspiracy theory's about vaccines are connected to folklore and witchcraft. obviously denigrating folklore and witchcraft as being some thing only primitive tribal people incorporate into their culture.  whereas the sophisticated modern westerner should embrace science, authority and the rigorous handover of individual sovereignty to the state. all aligned with the principles of the guardian.
however what the guardian fails to comprehend is the most effective medicines are based on folklore and witchcraft is just a variation on physics. vaccine skeptics are as varied in their beliefs and not all think the same. unlike the guardian readership. we have very different reasons for being skeptic and these cannot be fed into a computer and understood because it confirms with your confirmation biases. ie. valium comes from valerian. in valium there is no valerian as it's synthesised. valerian grows free valium costs. 
why people seem skeptical is not even about conspiracy, it's about fact. sure people layer the fact with whatever conspiracy they want but the basic facts speak for themselves.
all science requires rigorous debate, all perspectives must be understood and agreed upon yet any debate about this vaccine was shut down and scientists and general practitioners were told they could be struck off for saying anything about these vaccines that was negative. my gp told me this after one hour discussion. even on the exemption form there is no exemptions. it just says if you had a bad reaction the first, if you have anaphylactic shock the second can be administered in hospital. there's no religious exception either, everyone must get vaxed. 
this vexes me. if you have immunity why do you need a vax?
the other facts that speak are why do these drug companies have indemnities? if the product is so cool why can't it be certain of its own safety. and as far as bill gates goes, he has been pushing vaccines on people for years, yet his background is computers. he has invested everything in vaccines along with illumanaries such as weapons and defence contractors black rock. 
dot's. join em, you get a picture. a picture may not represent truth but the guardian is just a picture as well, conspiring against conspiracies is still conspiracy. 
here's a simple question.
what exactly is inside the vaccine?
also why is sweden reached herd immunity without the totalitarian govt. influence. 
riddle me this people. and maybe i'll understand why i should trust the ridiculously  powerful who seem so enthusiastic removing the only control i really have, that over my own body. 

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