Saturday, April 07, 2018

driving down at sunrise through early morning fog, the first blast of sunlight hits the car windscreen obliterating everything in a vast wash. i can no longer see the road, the trees, other cars and i know there is a cyclist in front somewhere so i have to slow down to a crawl. even the white line that informs my lane has vanished.
everything disappeared for about three minutes, i was lost. it was frightening, and strange. if i stopped a car behind me would drive into me, if i pulled over where would i go? 
i put my beam on but it disappeared into the white light, swallowed by the source of everything. how ironic. 
use the force mission, it's strong with you. it is, i did, and i found circumstances changed as the road curved around, and even though when i parked i faced the sun again it was not so bad.
once out there in the water the surf was massive, but weak, not great conditions. i did enjoy a splash and play but couldn't really catch any waves. the water was surprisingly warm, a few old people swam past and looked at me with my fin. 
the sun and the sea kickstarted my day. 

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