Tuesday, January 02, 2018

'andromeda looks beautiful today.' 
i was fiddling with my zap gun, adjusting some valves and circuits and for a moment i peered out the tiny window and saw the galaxy. the words just slipped out my dumb mouth. they floated around me like bubbles and popped over my head. although it was a naturally understandable comment it felt wrong, no one else would ever hear those words, they were meant to be heard and this vision of andromeda was meant to be shared. it was truly magnificent.
i put the zap gun down and left it there, flux circuits exposed, made my way through the hive section and took the corridor to where the ice cubes were. i knew the rules but fuck it, rules don't count in space. space does strange things to you when you been floating through it for long periods. let's face it i been alone a long time, captain of a strange ship, pirate and now peace envoy, caretaker of precious cargo,  the two princesses. 
one from gliese 581b the other from 581c. both in ice cubes, well it was slightly more sophisticated than ice but a combination of suspended animation and tachyon fields kept them on ice for the seventeen year journey. these beauties were being married off to some strange alien lobsters so the galaxy would remain in a state of peace. it was a strange diplomacy, old fashioned really but effective. 
fuck it!
i would be shot for this but life is short. well it is for me outside an ice cube for the girls it would be 17 years longer, but 17 years of deep freeze can make the mind alter and who is to say they may never quite be the same psychologically. i'm doing it for their sanity as well as my own, i reasoned.
i opened the panel and typed in the commands.
fifteen minites later i was pouring hot coffee into two cups and kicking myself at my stupidity. the peace of a galactic federation was at stake, i'd just sabotaged the only hope there was.
i smoked a joint and watched the girls gain full awareness as they sipped their drinks. 
'so we are not there yet?'
i shook my head.
'and you woke us prematurely to show us the view?'
'yes, but seeing as though you are up now why not stay up and stretch your legs, eat some real food, watch some movies, have a bath, enjoy freedom and then in a few years i'll put you under again.'
'it sounds like a holiday,' 581b says.
'yeah that's exactly what it will be.'
'we may as well enjoy some little time before we have to marry those creatures.'
'exactly.' i say it with such relief the girls absolve me of my guilt.
i lead them past the hive and back to the main room where i activate the dome, and just like a petal the metallic structure opens up letting in an array of splendour.
the girls are breathless, it's awesome. we are all dressed in our skin two suits, mine black, theirs a rich purple. i watch them twirl under the scene, around and around, almost dancing, spellbound.
it really is something. the dome offered 180 degree vision and it was filled with the frenzy of phycadelic colour shifts, from softer pastels to fluorescent starbursts of primary's and then slap bang in the centre lay the most incredible looking blue sun.
'it's so beautiful,' 581b whispered.
her hand reached out and found 581c's. fingers clutched.
it was indeed beautiful.
i sat down on the lounge and let the girls enjoy their moment, they pointed out parts of the vista to one another and giggled.
in a few hours we would navigate past andromeda and the view behind us, i'd have to think of a way to hack diagnostics and make the edit to their ice cube continuity status. it should be a piece of cake, a simple use of taychon looped energy would do the trick. that would manipulate the information and put it in the loop therefore it would continually be in transmission, never reaching the monitors of my employers until i was cashed up and gone. i fiddled around on a console and made the hack. now no one back there would know i prematurely awoke the princesses we could all relax. 
so two princesses, a renegade peace envoy, what fun we would have. and we did. it turned a boring voyage into a memorable one. 
years later we were waking up from a deep sleep after a night of debauchery when i realised something was wrong. 
g851b lay wrapped in a silk sheet and her pale flesh rose up and down gently, her lips had a slight tremor every time she exhaled and her eyes fluttered in rem sleep. i wondered what she was dreaming off as guilt flooded my mind. tomorrow morning i would have to put them both under. they are not going to want to go willingly, why would they. all fate had in store was slavery to the lobsters, god knows what terrors that incorporated. i'd have one last session of pleasure and play, and then slip them a sed in a drink, that way things should be easier all round. 
i put my arms around g851b and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. as i lay there it occurred to me g851c was absent. 
i slipped on some shorts and followed a trail of light to the recreational room. g851c was leaning into a modified nourishment outlet and with a long spoon tasting various flavoured ice creams. 
every now and then a sigh of pleasure would escape her lips. i watched from the corridor as i worked out what was going on. in between our fun time and while i slept the girls had taken turns to sneak away into the simulators and stuff their faces on cakes and ice creams, they were gorging out on the good stuff and then sneaking back to relieve the other.
while it was perfectly understandable it did present a problem, each of them had packed on a few pounds, and the weight displacement would effect the calculations when they returned to ice. there would be no way i could hide the discrepancy. i was fucked but at least we had seen andromeda at it's most beautiful.       

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