Friday, April 10, 2015

the biggest mistake made by people who read the old testament is they read it in english. it has to be read and understood through the prism of the hebrew alphabet. each letter is a language itself, each letter symbolic and placed very carefully to the others in complex codex. the old testament is a doorway. 
it is in kabbalistic philosophy that the pattern is understood. supporting books like the zohar are the key to understanding the old testament.
those old mystics kept the mystery to themselves, they didn't go around spilling their knowledge to anyone, it's not spiritual fast food and it's not part of the process of any enlightenment to force feed your neighbour with a spiritual truth because in all likelihood they will say it's a lie. unlike most religions these druids don't care if you like it or not, they don't need numbers and followers and it has nothing to do with belief. the committed truth seeker comes to them. there is two criteria the druids expect from you.
one. you are over 50 years of age. this is because they want you to have some real life experience under your belt that you can apply to the theory and practice.
two. that you reject everything you think you knew about the old book, which in practical terms means all your preconditioned ideas. even the so called followers of the hated tribe have to unlearn everything.
only the ignorant would take the old testament literally, only the ignorant do. it's a mish mash, fragments, the history of a desert people, the rules and controls for a society to function, the stories fables and tales that guide a civilization towards some kind of moral code. as a step on a ladder of spiritual evolution just like all other religions have, it contains aspects of mystical truth for the time. there is one ultimate conciousness and we can enter a relationship with it.

most of the stories are allegorical fables or mythological tales that pre existed long before. no follower really believes god created the universe in seven days jewish people are not stupid generally although they are a strange bunch and difficult to relate to. 
to the discerning scholar the only books that really matter are the first three books of genesis for here is the secret of how mind creates. emanation. to the critic one can see how prejudice and fear has manipulated perceptions, a slow creeping eternal paranoia. the god in the old testament is many things, it manifests as many faces but the most known is obviously the ego, the super entity that controls every aspect of peoples individual and collective lives. yeah it's amazing how many people hate that particular god and take any opportunity to bash it over the head motivated by...their own ego i guess.

there are not many qualities i like about this tribe to be honest and i don't live amongst them but i think the quality that sets them apart from others is humility and i think that's not a bad thing, maybe that's why people irrationally hate it. some say it's all about israel but if they are honest, the hate existed long before israel ever did. 

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