Monday, April 27, 2015

suddenly dawned upon me i have no suitcase or travelling bags, my old bag fell apart on me. it was held together with tape and string, i'd used it for years and watched it fall apart in seven different countries and ironically on my last trip it disintegrated as i unpacked when i arrived home. it was a loyal case, it got me home before falling apart, things could have been much worse.
so i have seen some interesting cases but i feel like getting something in hot pink, i figure it will stand out at the airport and everyone will expect some glamourous supermodel type in high heels to own them when in fact it will be old captain mission, dishevelled, unshaven, stinking of airport fatigue and looking stoned and disorientated after travelling cross the planet. 
i like that whole concept of fucking peoples expectations and i also like the fact hot pink suitcases will annoy people, disorientating with their strange sense of sexual certainty. yeah fuck it, hot pink for me, but should i get the bold pink one or the leopard spots or the pink zebra striped ones, see these are the things i have to think about and i have not even had breakfast yet. 

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